Oct 09, 2017

Materials Specialist

  • JC Malone Associates
  • LaGrange, GA, United States
Full time Automotive Distribution-Shipping Inventory Manufacturing Supply Chain

Job Description

  1. Reviews and monitors production plan and initiates purchase orders as needed to meet production plan
  2. Interacts with suppliers, coordinators and managers as needed regarding material orders
  3. Inputs material requests into the ERP system (SAP) and manages different systems such as GCS and MES that are related to production
  4. Initiates the logistical processes for shipment and receipt of goods ordered.
  5. Manages inventory levels effectively to meet guidelines that are set by top management. 
  6. Assists with cycle counts and physical inventories as directed to ensure the best inventory accuracy
  7. Analyzes and adjusts minimum quantities and batch sizes for the components
  8. Takes action to avoid out-of-stock and over-stock situations
  9. Communicates with Receiving Department to certify materials are delivered properly and counted precisely
  10. Assists the departmental continuous improvement projects to increase the efficiency of the warehouse. The projects include gathering and analyzing data, and formulating reports and presentations to the superiors
  11. Cooperates with Assembly, Machining and Quality departments to minimize and handle scrap components
  12. Displays knowledge and skills that are necessary to perform assigned tasks
  13. Builds and maintains strong relationships and handles conflicts between team members efficiently
  14. Handles Accounts Payable such as Commercial Sanitization, Maintenance Production Equipment, and Maintenance Transportation Equipment 
  15. Manages scrap sales from production by inspecting their processes and analyzing work orders
  16. Make journal entries of Accounts Receivables from scrap sales such as Aluminum, Metal, Plastic, and Cardboard
  17. Prepare the CKD items  for Event on each stages and transfer the parts to the Improvement Team

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